Low Tech in a High Tech World

When we search for news, which sources do that we can rely on? Newspapers, magazines, or magazines are among the sources. However, we often depend on acquaintances and colleagues to provide us what to read. For instance, if are a professional athlete, you’ll be seeking out news about pitching equipment and where it is possible to purchase pitching equipment at a reasonable cost. Being aware of each other’s interests it is possible to share information within a friendship circle. LinkedIn recognizes your requirements; thus, it made it easy to share of information. Learn the ways news can be shared via LinkedIn and precisely how you can customize it.

Privacy Control

It is entirely up to the individual you are sharing your information to be accessible by all, just one user, a small group, or just your friends. When sharing details, you can choose to create a privacy settings. This option can be the primary thing that a user looks for. In some cases we don’t want any data to be made publicly. This is why privacy settings come into play.

Option to add images and Article Excerpts

If you’ve added images or extracts from news articles, articles or blogs, you have more chances of sharing your extracts getting clicked. This adds credibility to your news and , after customizing it, appears great. The new feature on LinkedIn allows users to switch to LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

Check Your Posts

This feature is new and allows you to review the text you wrote and fix any typos. You don’t want anyone pointing out errors or mistakes in your status messages. There are times when you have messages that you want to change following a change of mind. This feature lets you review and make any needed adjustments.

Re-sharing is easy

There are times when you read an article and then like it to put it into your field. Then, you don’t have to hunt for the source, sharing certain information is one click away. Again, you can make the information available to an person, and the event that you share it in your group.

Improved Off-site Sharing

Off-site sharing isn’t as different. For instance, if go to a popular news site you are able to easily connect them to LinkedIn. If you happen to stumble upon any news bellsouth email account site that is popular next time, don’t be averse to sharing it with LinkedIn.


If you share the same article again, they will grant you credit. But, you may also get credit if you attribute something that you’ve shared to the person who originally posted it to you.

Share items through Profile

You can choose to allow certain items public. This means that you will let your followers discover more about you and your passions. The sharing of news via your profile keeps your content current and current.

Perhaps you know what LinkedIn helps you stay on top of the latest news and up-to-date. Additionally, it permits users to share information with friends who admire you. Apart from sharing information, you can assist your friends to get the information they’ve been searching for. If you’d like to check out this new feature that you have learned, click here to share this post.