What Are the Benefits of Probiotics?

After years of study, the benefits of probiotics can best be described as minimal. In some cases, they give no benefit. In certain individuals, they could even do more harm than great.

It is certainly evident that taking antibiotics can cause an imbalance in gut flora by killing beneficial bacteria, along with the harmful types. Some doctors do suggest taking a probiotic following an antibiotic routine, but feel there is no benefit to taking the supplement on a regular basis.

New research has shown that the supplement does not restore the levels of beneficial bacteria. While there is a rise in the levels of certain bacteria in feces samples taken during and immediately following supplementation, the levels drop again after two days. So in any event, taking a probiotic following an antibiotic routine does no great.

It is also evident that common health complaints are caused by a dysfunctional digestive system. Gas, bloating, heartburn, acid reflux, constipation and diarrhea are obvious examples. Some less obvious examples include fatigue and successive viral infections.

The fatigue is due to poor supplement absorption. The viral infections are a little more difficult to explain.

Reducing the risk of viral infections was believed hand cream 推介 to be among the benefits of probiotics, because beneficial bacteria slaughter illness causing pathogens. They play an important job in the insusceptible system.

For example, research has shown that when the number of L. acidophilus bacteria increase, harmful e-coli cannot develop. Everything within the body is about balance. The balance is altered because the foods we eat are not healthy and our environment is toxic.

The balance can be restored. New studies have shown that the best way to restore the balance is with “prebiotics”. While the benefits of probiotics are questionable, those associated with prebiotics have been proven scientifically.

Prebiotics are natural compounds found in foods. For example, the skin of the kiwi fruit is an astounding source of prebiotics.

Basically, the fiber and nutrients in the skin give the right environment to beneficial bacteria to flourish. In laboratory studies, more than 7000 colonies of L. acidophilus are produced after just 48 hours of exposure to a supplement containing kiwi fruit and skin extracts.

Kiwi is an extremely nutritious food and it is wealthy in fiber. In order to improve regularity, many individuals take a fiber supplement, because they simply do not eat enough fiber rich foods consistently.

Improving regularity is not one of the possible benefits of probiotics. A person who took a probiotic supplement would still have to take fiber. A prebiotic supplement containing kiwi fruit and skin extract takes the place of both the probiotic and the fiber supplement.

Eating kiwis could be an option, then again, actually most of the fiber and nearly all of the prebiotics are found in the skin. Most individuals strip the kiwi prior to eating it.