6 Most Common Problems Experienced By Email Marketers & Solutions

I have received a lot of questions from many email marketers on the various aspects of email marketing. And out of all the questions I have received, I noticed that most of them are repeated ones.

Therefore, what I have done here is that, for the benefit of all email marketers, I decided to reveal what these common questions are (there are 6 questions in total).

In this article, you will discover 6 of the most common questions that are being asked by email marketers, along with my answers to each of the questions (these answers are being answered based on my own personal experience with email marketing).

1. Emails Will End Up In Junk Folder Instead Of Inbox

One thing you can do to make sure that your emails end up in your subscribers inbox (instead of junk folder) is to ask them to white list your email address (this is the email address that you are going to send emails with).

By white listing your email address, it means adding your email address to a list of email addresses email1and1 in which your subscribers want to receive emails from (this can be done within the email service they are using to send and receive emails). Emails that are sent from the email addresses in someone’s white list will definitely end up in the inbox.

However, the thing is this – Not too many people know how to go about white listing an email address. Therefore, what you need to do here is that, immediately after someone opts in, you show them step-by-step (along with screenshots) on how to do it.

Help them through the entire process and you can be certain that, in future, all your emails sent to that particular subscriber will end up in his/her inbox.

2. Email Messages Sent Have A Poor Open Rate

The main reason why email messages sent have a poor open rate is because, the subject line is not compelling enough for your subscribers to want to open it.

As much as we want to open and read all emails, but these days, we receive way too much emails every single day that, we just do not have a time to read through all of them. Thus, we only open and read those that interest us.

Most of us determine what emails to open by judging from the subject line – And we will only open up emails with subject lines that interests us.

Therefore, in order for your email messages to have an improved open rate – You need to write an eyeball-catching, and interesting subject line – One that will invoke your subscribers’ interest and attention and want to open it.

3. How Often Should You Email Your Subscribers?

While there are no fixed rules as to how often you should email your subscribers, you do not want to send them more than 1 email a day (unless it is absolutely necessary for you to send a second email – and if you do, tell them the reason).